Family bonding time is important. Family bonding time is the time a family member spends with the other members of the family. This is the time when they interact over some activity or engage in some project. Family bonding time could be by spending time in the park together, going on picnics, playing a game, eating a meal together, so on and so forth.

There are various benefits to family bonding and some of them are:

  1. The members of the family when they interact with each other, they learn to work together as a team
  2. The children then mirror this behavior which they see in their parents and their siblings with other members of society and people that they interact with.
  3. Family bonding helps the members of the family to communicate better with each other. This helps them communicate better with other members of society
  4. Due to family bonding, the relationship of the children with each other and their parents improve. They also learn to rely on their family members in times of problems and to get advice from their family members
  5. The distance between members of the family decreases
  6. It encourages a release of emotions
  7. Each member realizes the value of each other
  8. When the members bond more, they learn to care for and nurture each other and therefore they hurt each other less
  9. It helps children get the necessary social skills they need to develop into well rounded human beings
  10. It helps children once they are grown to still retain the bonds throughout their adult lives and to be a source of strength and comfort for each other through the various hardships or trials they may face.

These are just some ways in which family bonding helps.