SEO Concept

For most businesses looking to grow, get into contact with an SEO company is the most logical next step. You may have the edge over your competitors when it comes to product and services, but if they aren’t able to find you, does it really matter? Organic search is an excellent way to get found by your target audience, which is why search engine optimisation has become key for so many industries.

If you don’t know much about what an SEO company in Australia does or what search optimisation is all about, it can seem like a confusing area of digital marketing at first. Many business owners are unsure about how to go about choosing an SEO company and about what it is that they do. Instead of avoiding the unknown though, we think it’s time to get onboard and embrace all the possibilities on offer with a good search engine optimisation campaign. To help you get started, check out our guide below.

Getting started

Once you’ve found an SEO company in Australia that you feel comfortable with, they will usually start off with an introduction and a fact-finding session. This is where they will discuss what your needs are and what kind of goals you are looking to achieve. They will get to know your current website situation and ask any questions to get a good overview of your current situation. This is an important step in developing a good strategy as it helps them to better understand your business and the history of your digital marketing efforts. This is also an opportunity for your SEO company to discuss possible outcomes and set realistic expectations.

Audit of your website

Specialist checking the result of an SEO Audit

The next thing your SEO company will want to do is perform an audit of your website. If you have analytics set up on your website then they will use it to access past information and see what is performing and what isn’t. If you have not set up analytics on your website then this is the first thing they will want to do. This will help them to run an analysis of your website to see if there are any technical issues or issues that are negatively impacting on your search engine optimisation. They will usually pick up issues like meta titles that are too long or broken links and ghost pages.

The time it takes to perform an audit will depend on the size of your website and the general complexity of it. Your SEO company in Australia will identify issues and make recommendations about what they would like to do to fix them. Usually correcting issues found in your initial technical audit will help your website to achieve a quick boost to your results.

Regular check-ins

Once your SEO company has established the issues with your website and fixed anything on-page they will move on to improving things! This mean that they will perform keyword research and begin to come up with a comprehensive strategy to help you move up in the search engine rankings. Once they have developed a strategy to help your business grow, they will generally get to work. With most agencies, you can expect monthly or weekly reports and check-ins. Your professional agency will aim to keep you abreast of everything they are doing and how things are progressing.

When it comes to search engine optimisation it’s important to keep in mind that it takes time and effort to get results. Your chosen agency will need time to implement your strategy and get you the results your looking for in the rankings.