exercise equipment

A pull up bar makes an excellent addition to your exercise equipment. It’s a fantastic option for building upper body strength and toning muscles. The best way to incorporate it into your work out is to perform different variations of chin-ups. Changing the exercise or adding weights can help you to make the workout challenging and can help you to focus on different muscle groups, like your arms or back. A pull-up bar as an addition to your exercise equipment helps in an easy way to improve your upper body routine from home.

Here are a few exercises you can do on a pull-up bar to improve your fitness.

A traditional pull-up

A traditional version of the exercise is an excellent way to build muscle by using your own body weight. Using an overhand grip on a pull-up bar will allow you to perform the exercise, versus an underhand grip for a chin-up. A normal pull-up will work the primary muscles in your back, including the latissimus dorsi and will also work your shoulder deltoid muscles and your core muscles in your stomach and chest. Use a should width grip and then hanging from the bar allow your body to hang before lifting yourself up. Try not to jerk towards the pull-up bar when you lift yourself up as this can be dangerous. Lower yourself slowly back down once you’ve pulled yourself above the bar.

One-armed exercises

To make your routine more challenging consider trying a one armed exercise. This forces you to focus on one size of your body in trying to lift your body over the bar and creates maximum resistance with your body weight. Perform this exercise extremely slowly as it can be dangerous and cause damage to your tendons. Use a overhand grip and slowly lift your body up with your arms as close to your body as you can maintain. If you’re struggling, try gripping your forearm with your other arm as this can improve strength. This is more advanced exercise so if you haven’t used a pull-up bar before you may not be able to do this right away.

Close grip exercises

Using a close grip can make the exercise more challenging and works a similar set of muscles to a bicep curl so it’s a great way to tone upper arms and add variation to your routine. Start with an overhand grip close to the centre of your body. Begin with arms fully extended and then lift your body up to the pull-up bar. When you get your chin over, bend your elbows to move the weight as this activates the muscles in your forearms.

Use weights to add resistance

A great way to make the exercise even more challenging and improve toning benefits is to add a weighted vest or belt for extra resistance. You can even use a dumbbell between your ankles if you’re confident that you will not drop it. As you progress you can add more weight to ensure that the workout always remains challenging. This is a great way to ensure that you see steady benefits from adding a this equipment to your workout routine.

This piece of equipment is well worth adding into your regular home workout and is ideal for improving your upper body fitness and strength. They are usually easy to install but make sure you do it correctly as improper installation could be dangerous for you and could cause damage to your home. Ensure that you are using proper form when doing exercises as you do not want to cause injury to yourself.