Sexy girl wearing a thong swimsuit bottoms while laying on the sand

Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Emily Ratajkowski have revived the 80s fashion trend of thong bikini bottoms. Through social media, almost all celebrities have flaunted their gorgeous bodies in the thong swimsuits, leading to manufacturers getting reading for the mass purchase of the product. In countries such as Brazil, Columbia, and Italy, thong swimsuit bottoms are extremely popular. Women spend a lot of time on the beach, trying to get the perfect tan. A minimalist thong swimsuit bottoms do just that for them!

The Trend of thong swimsuit bottoms

Thongs come in quite a range: from the classic thong to the g-string to a Brazilian tanga to the cheeky bottoms which stretch themselves into an impressive wedgie. With fun, summer colors, and add-ons such as lace and frills, thong swimsuits are set to take the beaches by storm this year.

Thongs are fun to wear, but also hard to upkeep. The mobility is not equal for women of different body types. If you are new to thong bottoms, try a one-piece. Having your top firmly covered would give you the initial confidence to rock your thong look. Another tip that can help you rock the thong trend is that always keep a spare thong bottom with you. Your body changes every day and if on the day of the outing you are feeling uncomfortable, you can just switch it out! If not that, just be sure to wear your thong before the outing so you can see if you are comfortable and comfortably mobile in them.

The string thong is probably not for everyone. Especially the well-endowed beauties who might need some extra support. Fear not, you can find a thing with a thicker waist strap to add that confidence to your walk. There is a range in the covering ability of the thong as well. If you want to flaunt your assets, you can do so in the way you find sexy.

Some women find thongs comfortable because they are light fabric which is not restricting their bodies. If the thong is right for your body, you will not feel that wedgie in an uncomfortable way either. 

The Controversy around thong bottom swimwear

While a lot can go right while wearing a sexy swimsuit, a lot can go wrong as well. While it is true that plus-sized women are also wearing thongs and swimsuits publicly now, there are still not many of them. One of the reasons being the lack of diversity in the thongs and their sizes. With string thongs taking over social media, they have taken precedence in shops as well. But since everyone has different bodies, it is not convenient for everyone. The style is catering to a very small minority but still has taken the image of the majority’s preference. 

Another issue is the more controversial one: modesty. Many people have expressed their discontent with thong swimsuits on family beaches. They do not agree that such minimal dressing should be done around young, impressionable children. Many women have also expressed their frustration with the trend. The image that if you love your body, you should be able to wear a thong is very reductionist. A woman may love her body but still find it too.