British sweet shop

British are known for manufacturing the world’s best sweets that are craved worldwide. From chocolates, toffees to gummies and numerous other sweets, Great Britain has always been known for manufacturing the best sweets that are tempting and super delicious. It does not matter what age you are in; there is a charm and pleasure that one feels when entering a sweet shop. The beautiful colors, vibrant aroma, and yummy treats totally uplift your mood. So, let us take you to some amazing British sweet shops that are worth visiting, and you will fall in love with their tasty sweets.

Hope and Greenwood

Owned by a couple of Miss Hope and Mr. Greenwood, this British sweet shop is a must-visit. You will find the most splendid traditional confectionery sweets that look amazing and taste delicious. All their yummy varieties such as candy lipsticks, chocolate truffles, Parma violets, bonbons, sugar plums, sherbets and rhubarbs, and numerous others are worth eating. All these sugary treats come in beautiful packaging making them more tempting.

Sugar Sin

Known as candy’s wonderland and voted as the “world’s most beautiful candy shop” by Architectural Digest Magazine, Sugar Sin is the British sweet shop that you must visit with your whole family when you visit the United kingdom. This beautiful shop has the largest pick and mix setups and a whole range of candies and sweets for everyone of every age. The store has the most mouth-watering gummies, lollies, candies, and chocolates in almost every flavor you wish for. The Classic Prosecco gummies or the cocktail-inspired Cuba Libre gummies are the hot sellers loved all across Europe.

Hardy’s Sweet Shop

If you are looking to visit a classic British sweet shop to buy some retro sweets, Hardy’s sweet shop is the most preferable choice as it has many stores all across the country. Hardy’s sweet shop is the most old fashioned candy store with a collection of flavorful classic sweets such as licorice allsorts, sugary fondants, flying saucers, rhubarbs, and many others available in beautiful packaging of glass jars and tins that also serve as the best gifts to give to your loved ones on Christmas and other events.

Rococo Chocolates

White and brown chocolates

Are you a chocoholic? Then this British sweet shop is for you. You will find the most delectable, luscious, mouth-watering, and luxurious collection of sweets at Rococo chocolate. The candied fruit dipped chocolate, plain milk chocolates, chocolate with nuts, and much more. They also offer beautifully packaged chocolate bars that make up the best gift to give to your loved ones. Rococo Chocolate store takes pride in making the best award-winning chocolates that are loved all around the world.

Spun Candy

Another British sweet shop that is great fun to visit is the spun candy store.  The store is famous for making handmade rock candies, swirly lollipops, popcorns, fudges, and many other sweets that are not only flavorsome but colorful and vibrant as well.  The candies are a visual treat, and your kids will get fond of the look and flavor once they visit this wonderful store. Moreover, they have a candy kitchen where you can learn the art of making these amazing candies. It is really fun to visit their kitchen and learn the amazing art.

So, here we present you the top favorite sweet shop of the United Kingdom where you will find mouthwatering candies and sweets that will surely satisfy your craving for luscious sweets. Do visit these sweet shops and buy some of the delicious sweets for yourself, friends and family. You will definitely fall in love with the taste of succulent sweets.