A career aptitude test is one where your personality and skillset is matched with a career that would best suit all of the above. People have often questioned the validity and accuracy of these tests. Do they really find the best match? Would you be wasting an hour or would you actually find a dream career? Let us find out.

The purpose of career aptitude tests

When one writes a career aptitude test, the outcome wouldn’t be a single career that would fit them. Instead, they’ll get an idea of a job that fits the closest to them. It’ll be their choice as to which career they should choose.

It may not be the right one for some. It may even be unfit for others. That is why it is important to see career aptitude test results as advice. You may become successful in the job that the results suggestion, you’ll never know.

Aptitude tests

What do these tests offer?

Although different aptitude tests offer different quizzes, they are generally divided into five sections. They are

  • Personality tests
  • Interest-based tests
  • Value tests
  • Work style tests
  • Aptitude tests

There is also a personality test which measures the way you think, act as well as interact. This test, called the Myers-Briggs is based on Carl Jung’s theory of there being two sets of people, introverts and extroverts.

The tests that you give online measure your aptitude in six different areas such as physical/mechanical work, investigative/scientific work, artistic work, enterprising work, social work and conventional work.

These tests are done to test your strengths and weaknesses. This is different from how the work environment tests you as they judge you by how fast you can tasks done.

When you hate the results

In the event that you find yourself with a result that you do not like, remember that this happens all the time and you need not worry. The first thing that you need to do is to not disregard this result instantly and focus on the reasons why you find it unappealing.

If you’re hell-bent on not choosing this as your profession, that is perfectly alright as well as this isn’t the only method with which you can arrive at a conclusion.

On the other hand, if you’re open to trying this as a profession, experiment by working as an intern. This is especially true for people that are studying or have only recently graduated.

In order to make an informed decision about your career choice, no aptitude test can match a decision made after one’s own experience which is why you need to be as open minded as possible.