Sydney Synthetic Grass is Always Greener

If you live in New South Wales’s most thriving metropolis, why should you choose Sydney Synthetic Grass? Well, if you’re tired of mowing and maintaining that tired old lawn of yours, you might consider switching to a superior product that has been around for more than half a century. Artificial turf first had its premiere debut in 1965 when it was used to cover the grounds of a huge Houston gridiron stadium in the USA and from there it has gone from strength to strength.

This alternative to a natural lawn has now arrived at a top-grade product that mimics the plushness and appearance of real turf to such an extent that Sydney Synthetic Grass is a popular replacement found in multitudes of homes and sporting grounds, commercial properties, and government estates.

How is Sydney Synthetic Grass Superior to Traditional Plots of Turf?

Sydney Synthetic Grass is the first choice over a traditional lawn for its durability, low maintenance, and comparable qualities of plushness, cushioning footfalls and lush green appearance. Artificial turf that is available in the capital of New South Wales, relies upon the latest technologies to produce a softer and deeper pile, with synthetic blades of grass that are more closely woven into the cushioning and therefore longer lasting yet so appealing to the steps of children and their families.

All artificial grass is UV resistant, free from dangerous chemicals, water and fire-proof, insect free and lasting up to half a century or more. It is the logical choice for your backyard lawn or pathway garden, putting green or sporting pitch, and that is why Sydney Synthetic Grass makes the grade for city hipsters, business owners, sporting teams, and suburban households.

How is Sydney Synthetic Grass Installed?

Sydney synthetic grass

Sydney Synthetic Grass is suitable for new properties or for replacing old lawns. The process is the same for new and renovating areas, with teams of artificial grass installers adjusting rolls of synthetic turf to the dimensions of the plot of land, then if required, removing the old natural grass, sculpting the ground surface so that it has the best drainage and level surface available, then the laying of the artificial turf.

Sydney Synthetic Grass is affixed to the ground beneath with solvent adhesives to prevent slippage, and from there is guaranteed to last a lifetime. There are no more hassles with having to mow the lawn, use pesticides, worry about water overflow and drainage, constantly watering the grass in extreme heat, or continually weeding the turf. The process of installation is meant to last as a no-maintenance alternative.

What are the Types of Sydney Synthetic Grass are Available?

Modern technology has evolved to a stage in artificial lawns where you have the choice of longer to crisper blades of artificial grass, deeper or lighter shades of colour, and deeper or more steady levels of cushioning. Depending upon where the artificial lawn is to be placed, having a variety of choices makes the product all the more suitable.

Sometimes a property owner, particularly a family, may want the look of a freshly mown backyard or front pathway. For an artificial lawn that is comparable to a just cut backyard, artificial grass for Sydneysiders provides turf that has shorter blades of a lighter shade, and a firmer cushioning. This is great for backyard cricket or sitting back with a drink and watching the sun fade over artificial grass that looks like the perfect weekend.

Other times an estate property may want artificial grass that mimics the look of palatial grounds with longer blades that are a deeper shade of green, to match the tree-lined surrounds and soften the footsteps of visitors and residents. Sydney Synthetic Grass has a range of artificial grasses to suit all properties including putting greens and sporting grounds.

So, if you want to upgrade to a turf standard that is no-maintenance, free from the hassles of bugs and erosion, and will last for decades, decide for yourself that Sydney Synthetic Grass is always greener, and come to the other side.