Pest control expert in Melbourne

When it comes to vermin, insects and other unwanted creatures, sometimes it can be hard to know when to call in the cavalry – especially for critters that stay mostly out of sight during the day like cockroaches and mice. It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to call in pest control in Melbourne and what constitutes an issue big enough to require a professional service. Many people are reluctant to call an expert because there are costs involved, but sometimes an expert is necessary and the do-it-yourself approach can prove costlier. Major infestations of termites can cause serious damage to structures, rats can chew threw cords and other infestations can be very dangerous to your health. Store-bought remedies can be helpful for minor issues but often cannot take care of big infestations.

When it comes to your health and your home it’s important to know when you should call in the experts. Here are a few signs that your infestation may be a job for the professionals.

It’s damaging your property

Are you noticing damage to your home? Are there signs that your walls, floors, furniture, clothing or rugs have been chewed on or clawed. These are signs that you may need to call in the best pest control in Melbourne. Visible signs that creatures or insects are causing damage means that you likely need someone to try and root out the infestation. Letting infestations go without trying to control them can cause serious damage, chewed wiring from rodents can even cause electrical fires and termites or ants can cause very expensive damage to your property.


One sign that you have a serious issue is if you notice urine or animal droppings around your home or in your cupboards. Droppings are often a sign that you have rodents or cockroaches and can be a serious health hazard for the people living in your home. Rats, mice and cockroaches can be carriers of serious diseases and need to be eliminated to protect your health. If you’re noticing droppings you should call in pest control in Melbourne.


If you’re noticing scratching or rustling sounds around your home, or even screeching you may have a problem. Mice, rats, possum and other creatures can get into your walls, ceiling or other spaces. If you can hear the noises at night then it probably means you have a problem. Having infestations in these spaces can be a serious issue as rodents can chew on wiring or damage parts of your home. If you’re hearing noises then it’s time to call is pest control in Melbourne.

You see them

Usually when you see a cockroach, termite or mouse it means the infestation is far worse that you’d imagine. Vermin, insects and other creatures usually stay out of sight so if you’re seeing them it could be because the colony has grown large enough that they are being forced out into the open.

Unusual critters

If a possum, lizard, bird, snake or another strange creature has made it into your home it’s a good idea to call pest control in Melbourne. Some animals are dangerous or can cause serious damage when cornered so it’s a good idea to get a professional service to look after the issue for you. This can help to prevent more damage than necessary and will protect your health and safety.

If you’re noticing signs that you have an infestation in your home, it’s a good idea to get a professional service to take care of the issue for you. They are trained to know where to find the problem areas.