helicopter on air

Getting a private Grand Canyon helicopter ride can prove to be an incredible and unforgettable experience with the chance to see astounding landmarks from an unrivalled vantage point. You’ll get to make life-long memories as you soar through the air over one of the world’s most glorious natural rock formations.

Unfortunately a pre-existing fear of flying and/or heights could make your Grand Canyon helicopter ride a terrifying ordeal rather than an enjoyable experience. Let’s take a look at some considerations you should keep in mind.


Should you go on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride if you’re afraid of flying?

Getting a private flight tour might be just the thing to help cure your fear of flying, but it might also be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. Using a flight simulator program may help get out some of those initial fears before going on the real thing.

Here are some things to consider for the tour if you are afraid of flying:


The inside of the craft is going to be much smaller than any standard plane you have been on so you should keep this in mind if tight spaces add to your fear of flying.


In terms of exposure to the outside, the front seat next to the pilot is going to be the scariest for you to ride in. If you are starting slow, consider sitting towards the back of the craft to begin with.


Your Grand Canyon helicopter ride is going to get pretty noisy with the sound of the rotors combined with the intense air drag. Wear the headphones given to you and maybe a set of ear plugs for good measure.

Field of view

You will be able to see much more around you in the air while on your Grand Canyon helicopter ride than you would on a plane.


Because of the small size of the craft compared to a plane, you are going to experience slightly more roughness with this flight.

If are in fact afraid of flying then getting a private Grand Canyon helicopter ride can be a great way to reduce the stress of your first time. This is because a private session will allow you to fill the cabin with companions you know and trust.


Should you go on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride if you have a fear of heights?

Fear of flying and a fear of heights are two different things, with the former having more to do with the risk of falling from a height rather than the altitude itself. Knowing how a chopper operates to keep you in the air can help you to rationalise your fear.

It has been discovered that for many people who are afraid of heights the fear comes from seeing how much there is connecting them to the ground. For this reason a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is much less scary because there is nothing ‘attaching’ them to the ground.

This means that if you fear of heights is at its worst when you’re in open spaces, such as on top of a ladder or a skyscraper, then you may have no issues whatsoever during your tour. All you need to do is take the first step and find out where your comfort level is.

Fun fact – a lot of pilots are scared of heights too! This is because their sharp imagination – necessary for being a skilled pilot – can make a fear of heights appear worse for them.

Hopefully the above information has cleared up any concerns you have with getting a Grand Canyon helicopter ride.