Young caucasian woman sitting on the couch at home and lighting a glass water pipe

Glass water pipes are a very useful device for smoking substances, and many benefits come with using one in contrast to using other methods of smoking. You have probably seen them everywhere, from popular culture to in your local stores. Glass water pipes can look intricate and large all the way down to simple and plain. They can often appear as intimidating to newcomers, however, they are one of the best possible ways to get the most out of your stash. There are various benefits to using one for your next smoke sesh, but there are also some cons to it.

Here are the pros and cons of using glass water pipes to smoke.

Offers smoother hits

Glass water pipes are well-known to offer larger and smoother hits.
It is not only beneficial to regular smokers but also beginners who can choose how much they want to pack into the bowl and rip. It enables them to enjoy the hit and experience it at the same time, slowly building their way up to ripping bigger and longer hits. It also does not irritate the throat when it is being hit, as it contains water that will kill any of the bacteria in the smoke and enable a smooth, clean hit. Thereby, the process of inhalation during the hit is a clean and refreshing one thanks in part to the cooling sensation provided by the water in the glass water pipes.

It is easy to use

It is notoriously easy to use glass water pipes, as its functionality is simple and how it operates is popularly known in movies, TV shows, etc.
The bowl is packed with the substance of choice and then lit with a source of flame. It is lit whilst being inhaled through the chamber, allowing the smoke to bubble through the water and be inhaled. This provides a clean and smooth hit to the user. There are numerous different styles of glass water pipes, and some will have a hole in the chamber which should be covered when initially filling the chamber, and then let go of when clearing the chamber.

It provides water filtration

For those who have been smoking long enough, the importance of water filtration cannot be understated. The glass water pipes feature of water filtration means that the smoke travels through the bowl into the water, where it bubbles. It is then released from the water as a cool, clean, and smooth hit. The water actually cools down the smoke which helps to provide this type of hit. Furthermore, it helps to filter out the tar in the smoke, which is why the water turns a brown or black color after smoking. Therefore, it is important to clean the water out after every session and to clean the bong regularly too. Some people believe that smoking through glass water pipes also filters out some of the effects of the substances used, so therefore you may have to smoke more to get the same effect. Regardless, water filtration is definitely a good thing and helps to filter out the more harmful parts of substances such as tar and bacteria which can affect your health later on down the line.

In summary, glass water pipes are very beneficial to use as your primary method for smoking substances. These benefits include longer, cleaner and smoother hits, ease of use and accessibility as well as water filtration of tar and bacteria from the smoke. For your next smoke sesh, consider glass water pipes for smoking and see for yourself.