Has your workplace become less productive? Noisier? Are your staff members constantly getting interrupted in the middle of their work? If so, you’re not alone. The modern workplace is a haven for distractions, especially if you operate in an open-plan office. Thankfully, the Busylight is here to help!

It has become essential to implement tools and strategies to minimise the number of interruptions that occur daily. Clear communication in particular can help to reduce distractions, boost focus and productivity and strengthen collaboration – all important aspects of business success.

The Busylight is the ideal solution for businesses looking to create an optimally functioning work environment. It is designed to let others know of a staff member’s status availability by glowing red or green depending on whether they are occupied or not.

Gone are the days where staff have to worry about whether or not it’s a good time to ask their colleague a question, or accidentally interrupt them in the middle of an important phone call (especially if they’re using a headset!). The Busylight provides an instant visual cue letting staff know when (and when not) to chat to their co-worker. They can also be set up to provide auditory cues (depending on the model) to help people with visual impairments and inform staff of incoming messages and calls.

This helps facilitate smooth and effective communication between staff members and makes the workplace a much easier place to navigate.

The device can easily be hooked up to your computer or phone through a USB port, where it synchronises with your communication platform (e.g. Skype or Lync) and provides real-time status availability updates. It can also be customised to suit your workplace’s specific needs.

The Busylight comes in several different forms in order to cater to your business’ unique requirements. The main types are:


Status display

The standard status display option is ideal for team-based offices looking to cut down on interruptions and improve productivity. It is placed at the top of an employee’s desk and will glow green or red depending on their availability. If they are on a call or have marked themselves as occupied, the lamp will glow red. If they are not on a call or have listed themselves as available, it will glow green. The Busylight can also be set to flash when an incoming call or message is arriving.


Status display with sound

This is just like the regular device, but with sound. It uses audio cues to alert to incoming calls and messages, which can be an effective way to avoid missing them. There are a range of ringtones that can be chosen. This is a good option for staff with visual impairments.



A Busylight nameplate combines the strengths of both a status lamp and a nameplate. It helps to foster a close-knit work environment in large workplaces by helping staff members know each other’s names. It displays the user’s name and their status availability (through use of colour) and can be adjusted for brightness control.



The headset Busylight is the perfect solution for call centres and offices in which a headset is a necessity. As headsets tend to be worn all the time, it can be difficult to know when a staff member is occupied or is available to talk. The built-in lamp makes it easy to immediately identify this.



The Busylight range helps optimise workplace communication by displaying staff member’s status availability and providing incoming call alerts. It is an effective tool for reducing interruptions and improving productivity, especially in open-plan offices.