Woman getting a microblading aftercare treatment

Microblading aftercare has become the number one trend in the beauty industry with more and more women getting their eyebrows groomed to perfection. Finding the best solutions post-treatment, is the best way to make sure your eyebrows are in good condition after your session. It is the number one rule in microblading aftercare that your eyebrows remain super dry to allow them to heal and stay in the best form. Your eyebrows need time to heal post treatment therefore it is incredibly important that in a situation where your brows could get in contact with water e.g., in the shower, you could benefit by having something to cover out the caterpillars. That way you can wash your hair and give yourself a good thorough clean with these technologies. In addition to a microblade treatment, after a lamination or brow tinting treatment. These products can use ingredients that are incredibly nourishing for your skin such as vitamin C, energizing and plumping up your face. These cover ups are best to wear before making it ready for the skin rejuvenation period. Here is all you need to know regarding microblading aftercare.

What happens during the cosmetic tattoo process?

The cosmetic tattoo process involves using a microblade tool to create a tattoo that is semi-permanent for your eyebrows. The cosmetician will start creating the imprint by drafting the desired outline for your eyebrows. They will then find the perfect shade to suit your natural colour. This is to make sure the enhancement for your eyebrows will look effortless. A numbing cream is then applied to make sure the eyebrows look effectively treated and are long lasting. Using the pigment, the beautician will add strokes, giving a natural definition to your eyebrows. With its seamless application, you will not have to worry about anyone thinking your eyebrows are overly done. You will be proud to know that you will have brows that are three times the amount thicker than prior to a session. The treatment is fast and free, giving you the best eyebrows that are primed for a good microblading aftercare treatment.

What are the benefits of having microblading aftercare?

Woman showing off her eyebrows

Microblading aftercare is incredibly essential to ensure your eyebrows are in peak condition within weeks of your session. There is a lot of attentiveness that is required in microblading aftercare. You will be having your eyebrows with ink imprinted intensely and red inflamed skin surrounding the eyebrow shapes. After two hours of the cosmetic tattoo session, it is encouraged that you add a moist cotton bud alongside with sterilized water on top of the affected area. Through this, you will be able to get rid of the addition dye that is surrounding your eyebrows. The period it takes for your eyebrows to heal post treatment will take 1-2 weeks, therefore it is important use microblading aftercare for that period. Is it important to make sure you treat the brows right by keeping it dry, not wear makeup, or tug at the skin. You will see a major difference just by giving the right amount of microblading aftercare to tame and frame your eyebrows post treatment.

Microblading aftercare is the way for the future of eyebrow grooming. Don’t “wash” your perfectly done up eyebrows right away as these tools will help you keep your little caterpillars in good condition. Your eyebrows are the main carrier that frames your face. To keep you having the best face on, microblading aftercare is the best solution to help you get your eyebrows get sorted. You don’t have to “brow-se” any longer, with the help of this incredible treatment.