Best dermatologist in Melbourne examining a patient's skin

Need a dermatologist in Melbourne? As we age, or even when we are going through puberty, our skin requires some care in order to look good. Whether we suffer from acne or baggy skin, or just have bad genes, seeking out a dermatologist in Melbourne is something that many of us might have to do at some point in their life. There are many dermatologists out there that will attempt to treat your skin, however, there are some dermatologists that are either not good or they are only looking for an easy way to make money. Here are a few things that you should do in order to find the best dermatologist in Melbourne.

Look at their skin

An easy way to tell if you will be going to a good dermatologist in Melbourne is by simply looking at their skin. Their product is good looking skin, and if they don’t have good skin, that can be an indicator of poor service. There are some conditions that they couldn’t get rid of, so don’t use this as the only indicator of whether or not they are a good dermatologist. However, their outward appearance and the quality of their skin should be taken into consideration before deciding to go to this particular dermatologist.

Check their credentials

Dermatologist checking a  red rash on a patient's skin

Researching someone’s credentials isn’t the most fun thing to do, however, it is especially important when you are deciding to go to any sort of doctor. If they don’t have the right credentials and aren’t backed by the right organisations, then you could be getting yourself into some serious trouble and could end up permanently damaging your skin. Before going to any sort of doctor, you should learn about what training they have and decide whether or not you trust what they are saying. Usually, they will have their credentials listed on their website, but if they don’t have a website, then calling them and casually asking them where they went to school or what training they’ve had can be a good way to assure yourself that they are trained to help you and your condition.

The training that a dermatologist should have can include a medical degree, at least a bachelor’s degree, residency and at least a year at an internship. If the dermatologist is lacking in any of these areas, then you should consider going to a different dermatologist. Looking at the number of years that they have been practicing is also a good way to tell if you should visit that dermatologist. While a new dermatologist in Melbourne can do just as good, if not a better job, than an older dermatologist, having the experience under your belt can go a long way, especially in the medical community.

Figure Out Your Conditions

Getting diagnosed with a skin condition or being unsure of what condition you have can be an indicator of if you should even visit a dermatologist in the fist place. If you are a teenager, for instance, and just have a little bit of acne, that is completely normal, and probably doesn’t require a dermatologist to tell you that. However, there are many more skin conditions out there, such as melanoma and birthmarks, that a dermatologist will be able to help you with.

There are many ways that you can try to find the best dermatologist in Melbourne, but ultimately it comes down to the work that they put out. Word of mouth is the best indicator of if a business is good enough to visit, so ask around and see if any of your friends have visited a dermatologist recently and ask about their experiences.