pizza in a box

Deciding what to eat has been a historically agonizing choice for people all around the world at all points in history. Even with today’s modern conveniences like courier delivery, choosing what to satisfy our hunger with hasn’t been made any easier over the decades.

If you’re in the inner-city of Sydney, then you might find yourself looking for the best takeaway pizza in Marrickville one evening. With so many great options located in this area it can sometimes feel impossible to make a choice, especially if you have a picky partner or group of people with you.

Let’s take a look at some tips for helping you decide on a choice of takeaway pizza in Marrickville.


Use a process of elimination to break it all down

Logically, the best thing you can start with is to try to narrow down your list of choices. Create a mental or physical list of all the choice for the best pizza in Marrickville that have been suggested and add in extras in that you think of.

When you have the entire list of options laid out in front of you it’s much easier for you brain to quickly compare them all at once. You should be able to start quickly eliminating options that jump out at you as not being ideal.

You also might want to consider:

  • Diet restrictions – Are you or is anyone with you on a special diet? If one of the options has a heavy focus on an ingredient that’s off limits, then it should be easy to eliminate it from the list so you can avoid complications later on.
  • Convenience – Is there a time limit or somewhere you need to be later? Obviously you can’t drive an hour to eat somewhere if you need to be somewhere else in 30 minutes.
  • Satisfaction – Picture yourself sitting at the table after the meal – was it satisfying? If it’s something you have often and regret, do you really want to go and grab it again?


Make a captain’s call

Human psychology can be quite strange at times but also quite predictable depending on the type of people you’re surrounded by. If you’re with a group of people and can’t decide where to get pizza in Marrickville, try loudly declaring you’ve made a choice for the group.

There’s always the risk that people will ignore your attempt to take control, but there is a significant chance that people will just go along with it. This is because many people are wired to follow group leaders and really just want someone else to make a decision for them.


Use diplomacy

When all else fails, attempt to negotiate with the others so that you can all come to a mutually agreeable decision. When weighing up everyone’s preference for takeaway pizza in Marrickville, try and identify which options are the most popular and who would be willing to compromise.

This is where everyone in the group can bring forward their arguments and refutations. Try to maintain a civil debate and create rules to control the flow of discourse.


Have fun with it

You could always make the challenge of finding takeaway pizza in Marrickville a fun group activity or game. You could put the list of options on a tournament ladder and make each battle for supremacy or even create a roulette wheel instead.

If you have time to kill then there’s no shortage of exciting ways for you to settle the debate. With a little imagination and effort you can turn an issue that’s normally divisive into something that brings everyone together with laughter.