Young boy at school on occupational therapy classes

Occupational therapy for children is a therapy or treatment that enables children to develop and improve their daily activities and skills, including motor skills, self-care skills, play skills, sensory and social skills, etc.  A child’s daily activity is usually to play, learn and socialize. If your kid is facing difficulties while doing all these activities, he or she certainly needs the help of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists not only help kids but provide therapy to people of all ages to let them perform their daily tasks with ease by helping them overcome their disabilities and shortcomings. Occupational therapy for children helps them to improve in areas mentioned below:

Motor skills

The movement of bones and muscles that allow your children to move, play and run are known as motor skills. The use of small muscles is categorized as fine motor skills, whereas movement and coordination of large muscles are called as gross motor skills.  If your child is facing any difficulty in a fine motor skill such as playing with a toy, holding a pencil or writing, holding a spoon etc. or in a gross motor skill such as jumping or throwing a ball, clumsy or uncoordinated movement etc.; occupational therapy for children can help your kid to improve in these motor skills through therapy.

Play skills

Playing is a children’s favourite time pass. It is incredibly important for children to play to keep themselves active, interact with other children, and develop cognitive, social and motor skills. If your child is clumsy and does not like to play, there is certainly something not good. It is suggested to consult an occupational therapist for children who can help your child overcome his fears and shortcomings, and bring him back to the active fun life.

Growth/development delays

Little girl attending an occupational therapy for children

These delays refer to the delay when a child is a little behind or slow in activities that other children of his age are doing fine like sitting, crawling etc. Lack of social skills and not performing well in areas where the children of the same age are doing fine should be a concern to parents. Occupational therapy for children also covers this aspect and helps to improve children to do better.

Visual skills

These are the skills that you develop when you see, and your brain interprets the meaning of what is seen. If your child is having difficulty understanding after seeing a certain thing like the concept of left or right, spacing, copying, identification, puzzle-solving etc., he might be having issues in visual processing. An occupational therapist can help your child in this area.

Sensory processing

Children need the help of Occupational therapist when they are oversensitive to the environment around such as loud noise, high pain tolerances, restlessness etc.

Social skills

If your child is facing language issues, difficulty in adapting to the new environment or can’t socialize or like be alone, occupational therapy for children can help develop and improve the social interacting skills.

Learning issues

Take help from an occupational therapist if the child has learning disabilities like not being able to focus, low energy, lack of interest and difficulty in learning new things etc.

Self-care skills

Kids should be able to independently perform daily tasks like tying shoelaces, button-up shirts, eating, dressing up etc. If the child is facing difficulty performing such tasks, it is time to consult an occupational therapist.

Occupational therapy can help your kids improve and overcome the lacking abilities that they have due to fear, injury or another reason. If you observe any skill mentioned above, lacking in your child, do take the help of an occupational therapist!