Wall beds in Sydney

Wall beds or Murphy Beds are a popular choice for people who are choosing to downsize from a large house to a smaller property. The reason could be anything from wanting to save money, the increasing rates of property values, and the minimalism trend. Wall beds Sydney products simply fold up into the wall when not in use. This frees up space for use and helps declutter your life.

Murphy beds used to be pretty popular when they were invented in the 50s, however, with the invention of sofa beds, their popularity fell significantly. Due to people moving in smaller houses, they have made a comeback in this decade though. However, they remain a controversial option for many. Let’s go through the pros and cons of using wall beds Sydney products and determine whether it is worth your money and effort!


  1. Multifunctional spaces
    Fold-up wall beds enable you to use your bedroom for multiple purposes such as converting it into your workspace. You can even install a fold-up wall bed for guests.  In a smaller living space, a traditional bed might take up too much space and not leave room for other functionalities. A smaller bed might make it uncomfortable to get a good night’s sleep. However, if you can fold up your bed when not in use, it saves you the trouble of finding a larger, expensive space to live in.
  2. Create a workspace or exercise room
    You need a room for workspace or you need an exercise room or a room for your kids to run in or one for your hobbies, but you do not have enough rooms in your house. A fold-up bed will help you convert any room into your house for your particular need whenever you need it and back to being a bedroom when you’re done. The convenience is worth the money!
  3. An extra wall for home decor
    When not in use, the fold-up bed looks like a wall. You can use this space to spruce up your room. Add a portable shell, put up a painting or some books or a wall hanging. You don’t have to use the extra space for extra hobbies. You can simply use it to make your room more expansive and let yourself feel at peace!

Cons and Myths

  1. Being trapped in the bed (Myth)
    There is a popular myth that you might accidentally get trapped in your bed. You might be sleeping and the bed will fold up and voila, you are trapped! However, this is an impossible situation. All beds are enforced by hooks in such a way that they do not fold up automatically as to trap you. However, due to movies and TV making this joke over and over, the fear has been ingrained in people’s minds and has prevented them from buying a fold-up bed.
  2. Requires maintenance (Con)
    Wall beds in Sydney require sturdy construction so that they will stay upright when folded and stay down when laid out. Thus, if any of the hooks are not working right, the bed will not be able to fold up properly and would require urgent maintenance. Moreover, you also need to manage the sheets and have a space to store the pillows and sheets when the bed is folded. Throwing the pillows into the wall when folded up can cause the bed to jam and the pillow to be torn.
  3. Expensive
    These beds can be heavy on your wallet. They cannot be self-assembled and require professionals. It is a long term investment if it is not regularly used. However, if regularly used, the maintenance cost increase and make it a costly investment.
  4. Safety hazard (Con)
    If the bed is not properly installed or if it is rusted after continuous use, it can fall at unexpected moments. This makes them a serious safety hazard. If you have children or vulnerable people around, this fall can be fatal. Thus, it requires continuous upkeep, which is not a sustainable expectation to have from users.

Wall beds Sydney products have lost their popularity due to the safety hazards, the price tag, and the extensive maintenance they require. They might save up on the space, however, it might not be worth it due to the safety issues associated with them.