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If you’re debating whether to get and electric or a gas hot water cylinder for you home then read our list below for the top benefits and things to consider about each heating system.


Gas hot water cylinder

Gas hot water cylinders are a popular choice in many homes and the preferred choice for many homeowners because of the many benefits they have over electric systems. They are often more cost effective, faster heating, and more versatile making them a more attractive option. The larger cost of install can sometimes put people off and they generally require more maintenance, but the positives outweigh the drawbacks.

Energy efficiency

It is a well acknowledged fact that you can generally expect to save money with fuel-fired appliances over electrical ones. Electricity is expensive and the cost of using electrical units to heat the liquid can be a significant add-on to your annual electricity costs.

Fuel-fired heaters are far more energy efficient with very little heat loss, as low as 95 percent. The fact that they aren’t reliant on electricity means that they will work even during a power cut so homeowners will never experience a loss of heat.

Unlike other systems you only heat the liquid you need, avoiding unnecessary heating and waste.

Continuous supply

A continuous supply of heat is usually available with gas hot water cylinders, drastically improving wait time for warm showers and ensuring that everyone in the household has access to a regular and continuous supply.

Can be installed outside

If space inside your home is at a premium then a major positive of gas hot water cylinders is that they can be installed outside of your home, saving a significant amount of space and preventing the costs of having to make room and install in the interior of your home.

Works with both mains and low pressure

A lot of older homes do not have mains pressure and instead need systems that can adapt to low pressure. Whilst it’s not ideal as it can mean systems struggle with multiple showers going at once, there are systems out there that are designed for low pressure. Gas hot water cylinders designed for low pressure can give your home better showers without the need for expensive upgrades to mains pressure.

Gas hot water cylinders are a cost effective solution that can save homeowners a significant sum of money and improve household showers and pressure.


Electric hot water cylinder

Electric systems are a regular feature in many homes, they were commonly installed in many homes in the past but are beginning to fall out of favour in recent years because of the rising cost of electricity. There are benefits to be had with electric systems in comparison to fuel-fired, but they are generally more expensive and people are beginning to trial new options.


One of the clear benefits of electric systems is their increased safety over other systems. Fuel-fired systems are far more complex, and installation or ventilation problems can potentially be highly dangerous.

Air quality

If you have to install systems indoor then choose electric as fuel-fired systems have a higher potential for releasing combustion materials into the air, resulting in indoor air quality issues.


Generally electric systems will require less regular maintenance as they are far simpler systems without all the complex parts and live combustion that goes with fuel-fired equipment. This means less maintenance cost in the long run.

Longer life

The simplicity of electric systems means that they often have a longer overall life span than fuel-fired equipment will, and they usually also carry longer warranties.