divorce papers

Every Australian citizen has the right to acquire the expert services of a certified divorce lawyer.

These experts know how to negotiate complex and tense disagreements when ex-partners fight for control in the wake of a broken relationship.

Yet there are some spouses who forgo this privilege and instead take one of two options: fight their own battle or take the terms at face value.

Neither of these options are preferable and can place the individual in a lot of risk.

Here we will detail what that risk looks like.

Not Knowing What a Fair Share Looks Like

Many advocates who outline the benefits of using O’Sullivan Legal divorce lawyers, explaining that these practitioners help to give their client a fair share for the final outcome. That might sound like a good soundbyte in isolation, but it actually helps to understand what a fair share looks like first. When sifting through the documentation and filing documents with the court, it is advantageous to have a professional who can state what entitlements are genuinely available and what concessions must be made to expedite the process. Without this type of counsel, individuals will enter into mediation talks with their own preconceptions that will likely be wide of the mark.

Relying on Outside Mediator

Forgoing a legal advocate during mediation talks is a dangerous strategy to use. A certified divorce lawyer in Sydney will always attempt to place their client’s interests first, whether that includes child custody rights and visitation periods to home possession, household debt allocation, shares or other valued assets. Without a hired professional in their corner, a spouse has far less power without a solid bargaining position to leverage, needing to accept certain terms that would be less than ideal if they had a solicitor in their corner.

Delving Into Personal State of Despair

A danger that is forever present when a spouse decides against the use of a certified divorce lawyer in Sydney is delving into a personal state of despair. This is why the industry has a close connection to various mental health outlets, requiring aid and assistance with cases of depression, anxiety and other issues that have been diagnosed and documented. These events can cause a great deal of harm to the psyche of the individual regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or financial status. Although these practitioners don’t have any mental health expertise, they offer sound solutions that ease tension and provide a private environment to talk over these problems.

Slowing Down The Case

There are many the risks that come with failing to utilise the skills of a divorce lawyer in Sydney. On one hand, a spouse might take the advice of their ex-partner’s solicitor at face value and sign any documents and agree to any terms they put forward. It might seem convenient at the time with the belief they are operating in good faith, but that is an unknown quantity. The greater threat is seeing the case slow down to extend the pain, tension and anguish. It could be a strategy from opposing counsel to delay the process, leverage their weak financial position and wait for a time to strike.

Creating a Blueprint

It is understated just how valuable the counsel of a certified divorce lawyer in Sydney can be when it comes to the domain of planning and strategy. Obtaining a blueprint that works through the positives and negatives as well as the risks and opportunities will provide clarity for all parties attempting to reach satisfactory terms. Solicitors don’t operate on a whim, needing to use their resources to gather evidence and formulate a coherent argument that will be influential towards a judge. In the void of that expertise, individuals are left to plea their case without substantial evidence or legal articulation.