Children having a lesson on a Punchbowl Childcare center

Childcare services have become absolutely essential for parents of young children.  Unless you have someone at home to take care of your child when you are not with them, you need a reliable childcare center. But leaving your child in the hands of a stranger is a hard decision. However, you do not have a choice because you have your work and other responsibilities to attend to. In this article, we will outline the services provided by the most reliable Punchbowl childcare facilities.

Childcare facilities in Punchbowl

To be sure that you are leaving your child/children with only the most reliable and trustworthy facilities, go through the following information, research them wisely, visit them, and make an informed decision.

  • Skill Building
    Skill building is one of the top priorities of teachers in child care facilities. They focus on your child’s nutrition, brain development, socialization skills, and language abilities. They also provide pre-school programs to boost the child’s cognitive skills and get them ready for enrollment. Soft skills include talking in front of an audience, introducing themselves confidently, showing gratitude, sharing their stuff with others, and being inquisitive in their learning. They have a highly qualified and skilled staff who nurtures and looks after your children. 
  • Nutrition
    Most child care facilities have a healthy meal plan set for three weeks or so, which rotates every cycle. Their meal programs include 5-6 balanced meals throughout the day and teach children to stay hydrated. Meal programs are further made fun by encouraging children to learn cooking in some facilities through cooking classes. Fun food days are also celebrated, and in facilities with a multi-cultural environment, children are taught to appreciate foods of other ethnicities. 
  • Parent-Child Collaboration
    Ideally, the parents should raise their child. However, working parents do not have this luxury of time. Child care facilities work around the parent’s schedules and plan activities for them. They include parent-child collaboration activities to ensure that parents spend a healthy amount of time and effort in the early development of their children. These include volunteering to give a lecture on what they do or building something for the facility or coming to the child’s performances. The center makes sure to share information, news, and photos of the children with the parents.
  • Daycare services
    Two types of daycare services are offered: daycare and long daycare.  Some child care facilities also have preschool care and kindergarten services. The centers operate from Monday to Friday and cater to children aged as young as 6 weeks old through to children 6 years of age.
  • Extracurricular programs
    Some childcare centers pride themselves on their vast array of extra programs to boost the child’s cognitive and physical development. They offer basketball classes, excursions, flexibility classes, cooking classes, gardening classes, soccer programs, and sign language classes. 
  • Building a sense of identity
    Child Care Centre foster a sense of identity, belonging, community, and well-being in your child. They work on the philosophy of letting a child ‘be’ and focus on the individual needs of the children. 
  • Fun facilities
    Most childcare centers have fun rooms for children to play in as well as safe outdoor areas for them to run around. Examples of such rooms are a Bumble Bee room (0-2) Caterpillar room (2-3), a Butterfly room (4-5), and a large outdoor area securely enclosed and surrounded by natural bushland. 

We hope you can find the best pre-school and daycare center for your child/children in Punchbowl!