Man taking IT internships

IT internship is a paid internship for young IT specialists in information technology operations management to market data control. From the first days, you will be immersed in work on serious projects, learn to find solutions to challenging issues at the intersection of IT and finance and become a part of a team of professionals. After IT internships, you will get the opportunity to continue your career.

Benefits of IT Internship

Clear landmark from day one

You will have a mentor who will define your personal goals at the beginning of the IT internship. In the end, you will discuss assessing your results and possible vectors of development in the IT industry.

Career-focused working condition

From the very beginning of the internship, you will have access to all the corporate benefits of the company, including voluntary medical insurance and a social package.

Cross-functional training

An adaptation course awaits you, where you will learn about the internal processes and receive advice for a successful career. You will also become a participant in the Personal Effectiveness training for the development of communication skills.

Choose the Field in which you want to Develop

Application support

As part of the IT internship, you will support business applications – front-end, integration, and back-office. You will be able to contribute to large-scale IT architecture challenges.

Information technology systems and services support

You can take part in the process of solving IT incidents, maintaining IT systems and environments. You will be engaged in adapting the infrastructure for managing electronic signature keys to changes in federal legislation and the Banks’ requirements and connecting new electronic document management systems.

Web developer

Man while coding

The IT internship allows you to take part in a large-scale program for optimizing the accounting system, develop and introduce new products and services for the company’s clients. You will also be engaged in the ongoing support and maintenance of the company’s users, solving critical problems.

Automation of operations of financial and general corporate processes

You will create tests and checklists for applications, verify prepared information, and participate in test automation. You will also review the documentation and help the developers make adjustments.

Provision of IT services

With the help of an IT internship, you will be engaged in developing a self-service portal for business and IT users, automating the provision of IT services, and the first line of support using Machine Learning.

Operational management of information technology

You will identify and eliminate detected installations of unauthorized software and update the list of software that is allowed for use in the company. The IT internship helps you learn how to analyze large amounts of information, write job descriptions.

Project management and methodology

You will be involved in supporting IT processes, preparing reports (presentations, tables, project plans). You will be involved in project management in terms of documentation and general team meetings. 

Market data control

You will take part in the optimization of accounting to use market data, participate in negotiations with market data providers, draw up diagrams and schemes for the supply and distribution of market data, and analyze market data in applications.

Working with suppliers and contracts

You will participate in a project to implement integration to delimit access to market data using a new solution from the vendor. You will also learn how to get to know traders and their needs.

An IT internship is a great opportunity to gain experience in collaboration with professionals and start building a successful career. They develop a mentoring system and a culture of feedback to make the work and training of the trainees as effective as possible.